Suicide Bombers Kill 20 Soldiers In Niger Republic, Nigeria Mounts Troops Across Borders With Niger

Movement for Oneness and
Jihad in West Africa  (MUJAO),
an Islamic group which claims to
be committed to the
enforcement of Shariah law in
West Africa, has claimed
responsibility for a twin suicide
bombing attack this morning at
the Nigerian/Niger border in
which over 20 Nigerien soldiers
were killed.
A journalist in transit in the
area told SaharaReporters that
the terrorists also injured about
15 other soldiers, while four of
their own were killed.
The terrorists struck in a
military barracks in Agades, one
of the major cities in Niger
Republic, while another group
belonging to the same group
struck in a uranium plant in
According to the journalists, the
suicide bombers arrived in a
bomb-laden car and forced their
way into the military facility.
The journalist also said that
more Nigerian troops have been
deployed to the Niger-Nigerian
border since yesterday, and that
today’s bombings may also alert
the Nigerian authorities to
further strengthen the security
By SaharaReporters


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