Shazam’s new iPad app automatically tags every song you ever listen to

What a wonderful machine


Shazam released a major update to its iOS (s AAPL) app Thursday that turns your iPad (s AAPL) into an automated log file for every song you listen to, every TV show you watch and every commercial you’re trying to ignore.

This is possibly due to a new feature dubbed auto tagging: Once turned on, Shazam will automatically listen to everything within reach of the iPad’s microphone, generate an acoustic fingerprint every few seconds and ping Shazam’s servers to look for matches. Identified songs, TV shows and ads are automatically sent to a personal queue within the Shazam app.

Users can then browse through these finds, add songs to their favorites, buy them on iTunes or stream them through Rdio. What’s interesting about this feature is that it also works in the background, while you’re doing something in another app or even when the iPad’s lock screen is enabled. iPad…

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